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The purpose of this website is to provide education, awareness, and how to get help. Addiction is a disease which is preventable and treatable. Recovery is possible and is occurring every day. By providing tools, insights and highlighting areas of things you may not have known we can better prepare ourselves in addressing the substance use epidemic we are facing.

In the first section below, you will gain some practical knowledge concerning drug paraphernalia. In the next section, a clearer picture will begin to develop on the impact of addiction – by the numbers. The last section will provide information on accessing help and resources for you and your loved ones.

What Should Families Know?

Explore here to see just how easy it is to hide a drug or alcohol problem right under your nose

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Who is Impacted?

All of us. In 2016, the people who died from an overdose in Lehigh County ranged in age from 17-98

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How Do I Get Help?

For myself? Someone I care about? Right now!

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